About the artist:

Immersed in Island culture while a Marine stationed at Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, Derwin Umali, a Filipino American artist, weaves together myriad personal and cultural experiences to create his art under the tag, "Mano." Blending vibrant non-traditional colors and morphing serpentine and geometric shapes, he creates contemporary pieces that honor the traditional indigenous artists from the various geographic regions of the Pacific. Using modern urban industrial construction techniques, Mano designs vector files from a collection of pencil drawings, then creates from wood or composite materials for his pieces.  Imbued with themes of the ancestral spirits of Oceania and symbols from the various regions, these reinterpretations are a synthesis of various kindred influences; ancient Pacific Island shamans, Filipino and Polynesian tattoo art, urban graffiti, electronic music, and imagery from visionary realms.



The Name: Pacific Spirits

The Pacific Spirits name is borrowed from the exhibit also called Regenstein Halls of The Pacific at the Field Museum of Natural History located in Chicago, where the artist was born.   Even though it is over 2,100 miles from the Pacific Ocean, this exhibit along with other local artists and the consciousness community provided much of the inspiration for the art that you see on this site.  

Museum pic.JPG